5 Popular Colors To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is the main service I provide here at Minneapolis Painting Company. Typically I paint 2-3 kitchens a month and am in many more. What I find amazing is that with all of the colors available, my clients all seem to be attracted to the same 10 colors. So here are the 10 most popular colors based on our clients from 2014.

Benjamin Moore Colors

Dove White

Dove White hits a chord with my clients. Over and over again this is the go to color. White Dove is a soft and light white that looks great on cabinets, trim and molding. This color goes great with Cheating Heart, Silver Lake, Yukon Sky and Horizon Gray.

Snow White

Snow White is part of Benjamin Moore’s Off White collection. This sophisticated and versatile color can help create a serene environment. Snow White goes great with Wrought Iron, Brittany Blue, Yukon Sky and Horizon Gray.

Navajo White

When you are looking for a white, but not a bright / stark white, then Navajo White is a great option. Navajo White has a much creamier look but still gives a nice clean white look to any cabinets or trim. Navajo white goes great with Exhale, Majestic Violet, Liberty Park and Deep Creek.

Super White

Sometimes people simply want a white that is perfectly clean and free from any other tints and hues, this is where Super White is perfect. Super White is a bright and clean white that goes great with any color scheme and will really pop against any wall colors.


Standard black can be a great compliment to any white color scheme in a home. It is great for center islands, front doors and other architectural features. Black goes great with any colors that your white scheme goes great with.


Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Enameled Kitchen CabinetsThe days of the oak cabinet are fast becoming a thing of the past. The problem is, if you had a house built in the last 50 years it seems like you are stuck with the old oak look unless you decide to enamel the cabinets. Even with that solution you are stuck with issue of the wood grain shining through the naturally smooth, flawless finish of the oil based enamel; which is the preferred finish for cabinets. Oil based enamel is the top choice for it’s durability, it’s ease of maintenance, and the general aesthetic appeal. The one drawback of enameling cabinets is that enamel naturally accentuates any defects. Our one goal in mind when enameling is to make the surface defect free.

Re-Surfacing Kitchen Cabinets

What some might not realize is that wood grain is not just a coloring in the grain. If you were to take a closer look at the grain in the right lighting, the grain is actually a bunch of recessed grooves the travel the entire depth of the wood, making it impossible to sand the wood grain out before applying the topcoats. After applying the top coats, the enamel naturally follows the contours of the wood grain. This has been the one drawback of enameling oak cabinets.

So that doesn’t leave many options for the millions of homes with the oak cabinets. Sure, you can buy a new set of custom kitchen cabinets. This may be an option for some, but for the majority, this is way out of the budget. Then we have the re-facing option; another costly process.   Even with these options, you are still going to have to add the cost of painting on top of the manufacturing and installation of the cabinets.  This can end up costing you well into the 5-figures just to have that smooth, fresh look of enamel, which we all know is a new and lasting style.

We have another solution here at Minneapolis Painting Company; resurfacing. With our exclusive resurfacing technique, we essentially eliminate the unsightly grain from the oak cabinets. It makes oak look as smooth as birch or maple. The resurfacing process is very technical, but the effect is amazing. It takes the chaotic feel of the grain out and replaces it with the natural beauty of higher end paintable woods. Expectedly, it is more time consuming and labor intensive than the traditional paint job, but the transformation is nothing short of amazing. Every customer who has exercised the option has been left speechless in their kitchen, and everyone has said that they are so glad that they went this route as opposed to just painting. The Minneapolis Painting company team will take your door fronts to their off-site shop to do a majority of the work in the company shop, complete with spray booth and top of the line equipment for a finish that will leave you in awe of your kitchen. Be aware though, that the updated look may inspire you to start entertaining more and going out far less.

Our resurfacing techniques are not limited to just cabinets. We can also turn dated paneling into smooth, trendy, enameled paneling; or wainscoting. Let us update the old oak trim in your house and finally have that fresh white look that is so sought after now, and notice how the feel of the entire house is softened up.

If you are interested in the grain minimization/resurfacing service, contact the Minneapolis Painting Company for a free in home estimate, where you can see samples of the finished product next to the non-resurfaced cabinets.



Services You Can Hire Minneapolis Painting For In Your Kitchen

Often times I find myself talking to our clients and they mention how they need to have a certain project done (not the project that we are there for) and they don’t realize that it is something that Minneapolis Painting can already do for them.

Today I want to share a bit about what our company can do for your Twin Cities home in the kitchen.

Interior Painting Services For Your Kitchen:

Kitchen Cabinet Tinting

Kitchen Cabinet Tinting is where we take your existing wood cabinets and spray a new tinted topcoat over your existing finish. This will darken your cabinets or change the stain color. When finished, this process makes your cabinets look like they were originally stained in the new color. This process works great when you have clear coated Maple Cabinets and want to darken them.


Kitchen Cabinet Enameling

A very popular service we offer is Kitchen Cabinet Enameling (or kitchen cabinet painting). This is where we take your old cabinets, painted or stained, and enamel them with a hard and durable new finish. Typically we take your cabinets and turn them white or a similar color. We even fill the wood grain, so yes you can do this to oak cabinets.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Staining and Clear Coating

This service is pretty straight forward. If you love your cabinets and just need to bring them back to life, we can give them a fresh new clear coat. If you have new wood, we can stain and clear coat them for you. Another more intense option is to completely strip your old cabinets and start over with a brand new stain and clear coat.

Wall Paper Removal

Wall paper removal can be a very tedious project. At Minneapolis Painting Company we can make sure your wallpaper removal goes smooth. After we remove the wallpaper, we skim coat the walls as necessary with drywall mud and them prime the walls before applying any paint.

Wall and Ceiling Painting

These services are pretty basic and self-explanatory. Beyond basic wall painting we can do any faux finish you may be interested in or any combination of colors your heart desires.

Trim, Window and Door Painting

This service goes right along with kitchen cabinet painting. We can take your old trim, doors and windows and accomplish any of the services that we offer for you kitchen cabinets and do the same for your trim, windows and doors.

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7 Pictures of Black Painted Cabinets

Have you been thinking about Black Painted Cabinets lately? Thinking your kitchen could use a makeover?

We love black painted cabinets and the many different ways that homeowner can use them. From clean eggshell black to distressed cabinets to black center island accents, black painted cabinets look amazing.

In order to help you get some inspiration, here are 7 fantastic photos of black painted cabinets that we put together for you. Enjoy!


How to Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets can transform the look of the room, for better or for worse. If your cabinets look dated, your entire kitchen will look dated. If they look antiqued, your whole kitchen will look antiqued. Thus it is your job to make your kitchen cabinets look the best they possibly can so that you can keep your kitchen looking its best. Here are some simple ways to enhance your kitchen cupboards without spending a ton of money.



White-Kitchen-Cabinets with New Hardware

New hardware will do a lot more for your kitchen than you may think. If you have those old brass knobs that were popular in the Saved by the Bell days, it may be time to upgrade to something sleek and modern. You still need to get hardware that suits the look of your cabinetry, but you could upgrade to something that fits the modern world a little better. Change out your drawer and door handles and see if that makes a difference.


Wainscoting is basically a form of paneling that many people use on their cabinet doors. This works especially well for cabinets with indented centers. You could put wainscoting on that inner part and let the raised exterior act as a frame for the cabinet doors. Then all you have to do is make sure you apply this to all of the doors so the look remains cohesive in the space.


Whitewashing works well in antique or nautical themed kitchens. In this process, part of the wood from the cabinets still pokes through the paint, creating a light, distressed appearance that is easy to decorate around. You could whitewash on your own, or you could hire someone to do it for you. Either way, this simple technique could do wonders for your kitchen.

There are other steps you could take to enhance your kitchen cabinets, but those should suffice for now. Take the time you explore some different options, and you will eventually come up with something that works well for your kitchen. Accessories the space with complementary décor, and you will have a kitchen worthy of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.


What Is The Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets?

If you have been thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets you need to know a little bit of information on the types of paints available to you and what is the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

First off, there are many different brands and types of paints for you when looking at painting your kitchen cabinets and the best paint for kitchen cabinets may be different for different situations. What I will do here is give you my opinion of the best paint for kitchen cabinets based on the most common circumstances.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Buzz Words

First, you are going to need to know the meaning of a few keywords that you have probably read around the internet. First is enamel, many sites will tell you that you can’t use regular paint and that you need to use an enamel, you can immediately discredit these sites. An enamel is by definition a paint that dries to a hard and glossy finish. So if you want the best paint for kitchen cabinets, you will want an enamel, but an enamel is paint, it just dries extra hard.  Some of the other terms you will need to know the difference of are latex, oil and lacquer which are all used for different types of enamel paints.

Types of Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Latex based enamel paint is the easiest to work with. It washes up with water and typically has lower VOC (fast evaporating chemicals that get into the air) content than oil or lacquer. The downsides to latex are that it tends to have a less professional look, be slightly less durable and brush strokes do not level out quite as nice. These reasons make latex not the best paint for kitchen cabinets. If VOCs are a big concern, it may however be the best choice for you.

Lacquer based enamel paint is typically not a finish that homeowners should be using. Lacquers are typically designated to spray booths and cabinet shops. They produce incredible looking results and have extremely fast dry times, but they are very hard to work with and have very high VOC contents.

Oil Based Enamels are usually going to be the best paint for kitchen cabinets. The reason for this is that oil based enamels will give you a professional looking finish and is relatively easy to use. Oil based enamels stay wet longer than latex based which helps brush strokes to smooth out and give you a smoother finish. Many companies are releasing low VOC oil enamels these days as well.

When using an oil based enamel, just make sure to get a gallon of paint thinner for cleanup (and possibly to thin the paint) and you should be good to go.

My Personal Choice for Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

My personal recommendation for the best paint for kitchen cabinets would be Benjamin Moore’s Satin Impervo. It is a wonderful paint and gives professional results.


What is the Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

I am often asked by my friends and clients alike “What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?”. Well, depending on the project this question can have a few different answers.

If you came here for my opinion on which paint brand has the best paint for kitchen cabinets, I will give you my opinion at the end of the article. There is definitely a winner!

Before we get started here are a couple definitions for terms that I will be using:

  • Enamel: A hard, durable paint. Mainly used on cabinets, trim, doors and windows.
  • Water Based Paint: A paint that is water soluble (latex).
  • Oil Based Paint: A paint that is oil soluble (alkyd).

For the Do It Yourself Homeowner

The best of the best paint for kitchen cabinets for a DIY project is a bit different than it would be for a cabinet finisher like myself. There are two options for a DIY project.

Water Based Enamels VS. Oil Based Enamels

Water based enamels may be the best paint for kitchen cabinets for you if you value low VOC and easy cleanup. If you value durability and final appearance, then oil based enamels may be the best paint for kitchen cabinets for you. Both water and oil based enamels can be brushed on with typical equipment from any paint store.

The Pros of Water Based Enamels:

  • Water based enamels are easier to clean up than oils, your equipment can be washed clean in your sink or your tub.
  • It is also easier to get off any surface that you may accidentally get it on.
  • Waters tend to have lower VOC content (chemical mixtures that evaporate into the air and are bad for you).
  • Faster dry times.

The downside to water based enamels are:

  • They do not have as rich of a finished look as oils or lacquers.
  • They are less durable than oil based enamels.

The Pro’s of Oil Based Enamels:

  • More durability than water based enamels.
  • Brush strokes tend to lay down and disappear better due to slower dry times.
  • Richer finished look than water based enamel.

The Cons of Oil Based Enamels:

  • Oils have higher VOC content.
  • Oils are significantly harder to clean up. You will need to buy 1-2 gallons of paint thinner for cleanup and you will have to dispose of leftover thinner properly.

Both water based enamels and oil based enamels can be made to look fantastic and each have their pros and cons. If you are looking for the best paint for kitchen cabinets, it boils down to what you value most. Hopefully now you are better prepared to make your decision.

As far as my personal opinion as to who sells the best paint for kitchen cabinets, it is hands down Satin Impervo from Benjamin Moore. Satin Impervo has a beautiful finish that no other enamel can match. As far as the worst enamel, Pro Classic from Sherwin Williams. This enamel will look like you just painted your cabinets with a wall paint, you will be disappointed.


Ideas For Country Kitchen Cabinets

My wife loves country kitchen cabinets, actually she just plain old loves the whole country feel. I am not referring to the country music style, more the open, self sufficient, no neighbors, wrap around porch style. We both would love to get out of the city someday and get on a handful of acres, plant some huge gardens and relax. This is our dream for our home someday.

In the meantime we, like many other people keep thinking about how we can bring the country to our city home. We have a chicken coop with two chickens, a huge (for our lot) garden and next is to turn our cabinets into some country kitchen cabinets.

In my opinion, to get that country feel in your kitchen or on your furniture, you need stay away from perfect finishes. I love a flawless finish, but that is not what you would ever see in that environment. However I am not saying that the finish cannot still look amazing. When I think of country kitchen cabinets, I think of dirty glazes, hand painted accents, dull or flat sheens, raw looking (yet still sealed) wood, stencils and well chosen wall paper.

One of my absolute favorite country kitchen cabinet looks is wainscoting cabinets with white enamel and a light glaze to give the cabinets some depth. This would be accented with a green painted and glazed center island.

Here is a gallery of country kitchens and furniture that I have collected to share with you. Hopefully this gives you the inspiration you need for your country kitchen cabinets.