How to Paint your Ceilings

So you’re thinking your ceiling needs a new coat of paint? The first thing you need to is decide if you are going to paint the walls also, or just the ceiling. If you are going to paint the walls, make sure you paint the ceiling first, that way you don’t have to worry about the ceiling dripping paint on finished walls.

Painting CeilingsOnce you’ve got your painting plan figured out, you need to pick out your paint. Measure the rooms height, width, and depth. Give this information to the company you decide to buy your paint from and they will assist you in determining how much paint you’re going to need to get the job done. As always, having a little extra is always a good thing in-case you need to do touch ups later.

The next step is to remove the furniture from the room, however if you live in a place where this isn’t possible move all the furniture to center the room and cover it well with a tarp or plastic.

Next, cover the floor with plastic and make sure you tape it down to prevent paint getting under the plastic onto the floor.

Now you’re prepped, but there is one more thing to sort out before you decide what you’ll be doing your painting with, and that is do you need primer? The rule is that if you intend to paint over a color that is darker than the hue you’ve selected definitely put on a primer. This will make it so the new shade won’t be bled through by the old color. It will also save you time and money to put up a primer before the finishing paint because the new color will require less coats of paint. Follow the next steps with the primer as you would with the finishing paint. Make sure you let the primer dry 24 hours before you begin painting.

Next step is to cut the ceiling, which means to paint the edges of the ceiling to minimize the amount of paint that gets on the walls.

Once the prep work is done you have a couple options:

  1. Buy or rent a paint sprayer and spray the ceiling. It’s a bit of a mess but it gets the job done, just remember if you do this, take plastic over the windows and anything you don’t want to color as a fine mist will cover everything. Easy to paint over the walls, but not as easy to get off of glass.
  2. Or use a roller to paint instead of the sprayer. If you decide to roll the ceiling you can either use a ladder to get up their comfortably or use an extension pole for your roller. Then paint the ceiling in even strokes to make sure you keep an even thickness across the area.
  3.  After you paint your ceiling, if the walls are you next step, go for it. Just make sure the ceiling is dry before you get started.If the ceiling was the only part of the room you painted, the last thing you need to do of course, is clean the room up, put the furniture back in place, and enjoy your new space.



3 Interior Painting Ideas You Can Do In A Weekend

Painting is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to add character and style to your home. With a couple of simple tools, a small investment of time and a small investment into paint you can accomplish any of these simple Interior Painting Ideas in a short weekend.

Interior Painting Idea #1: Painting a Table and Chairs

  • Furniture PaintingTime Needed: 5-8 hours
  • Investment: > $100

One of our interior painting ideas is to paint either a new (from a garage sale or thrift store!) or existing table and chair set. This will quickly add new color to the room and can add loads of character to a dull dining room, living room or kitchen.
To complete this interior painting idea you will need to first sand down your table and chairs with 120 grit sanding paper. Next, prime the table and with a bonding primer. Wait for the primer to dry and sand with 150-200 grit sanding paper for a super smooth finish. Last you will be applying two coats of finish to your table and chairs. I prefer to use Benjamin Moore’s Satin Impervo for painting furniture due to its hard, smooth finish.

Interior Painting Idea #2: Paint a Mural on a Bedroom Wall

  • Mural PaintingTime Needed: 5-10 hours (or more if mural is complicated).
  • Investment: $20-$50 for craft paints and brushes.

Painting a bedroom mural can be a fun and rewarding Interior Painting Project. For this interior painting idea you will need to first determine what you are going to paint on your wall. Will it be an original piece of art or will you copy a pre-made photo or picture onto your wall. Kelly at Muddy Flowers just finished creating a kids bedroom mural recently and blogged about it. She plans on having and in depth tutorial up soon as well. This project is not only fun and rewarding, it is cheap as well.

Interior Painting Idea #3: Paint Your Ceiling

  • Ceiling PaintingTime Needed: 2-4 hours
  • Investment: $30-$50

This interior painting idea is a little out there, but can be really fun and make your house a unique destination. When painting a ceiling you will want to make sure to remove all furniture and tape off all walls or you WILL end up dripping paint onto your furniture and walls.
Finding a good ceiling color will probably be your hardest part. Most people are accustomed to white ceilings and want them to just blend in and not be noticed. A painted ceiling will definitely be notices so be prepared to make a statement.
Hopefully you found some inspiration from these three interior painting ideas and are ready to get to work on your own home right now! Good Luck!


Services You Can Hire Minneapolis Painting For In Your Kitchen

Often times I find myself talking to our clients and they mention how they need to have a certain project done (not the project that we are there for) and they don’t realize that it is something that Minneapolis Painting can already do for them.

Today I want to share a bit about what our company can do for your Twin Cities home in the kitchen.

Interior Painting Services For Your Kitchen:

Kitchen Cabinet Tinting

Kitchen Cabinet Tinting is where we take your existing wood cabinets and spray a new tinted topcoat over your existing finish. This will darken your cabinets or change the stain color. When finished, this process makes your cabinets look like they were originally stained in the new color. This process works great when you have clear coated Maple Cabinets and want to darken them.


Kitchen Cabinet Enameling

A very popular service we offer is Kitchen Cabinet Enameling (or kitchen cabinet painting). This is where we take your old cabinets, painted or stained, and enamel them with a hard and durable new finish. Typically we take your cabinets and turn them white or a similar color. We even fill the wood grain, so yes you can do this to oak cabinets.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Staining and Clear Coating

This service is pretty straight forward. If you love your cabinets and just need to bring them back to life, we can give them a fresh new clear coat. If you have new wood, we can stain and clear coat them for you. Another more intense option is to completely strip your old cabinets and start over with a brand new stain and clear coat.

Wall Paper Removal

Wall paper removal can be a very tedious project. At Minneapolis Painting Company we can make sure your wallpaper removal goes smooth. After we remove the wallpaper, we skim coat the walls as necessary with drywall mud and them prime the walls before applying any paint.

Wall and Ceiling Painting

These services are pretty basic and self-explanatory. Beyond basic wall painting we can do any faux finish you may be interested in or any combination of colors your heart desires.

Trim, Window and Door Painting

This service goes right along with kitchen cabinet painting. We can take your old trim, doors and windows and accomplish any of the services that we offer for you kitchen cabinets and do the same for your trim, windows and doors.

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