Preparing your Home for Exterior Painting

Minneapolis Exterior PaintingIn this article we are going to be outlining the steps you should take to prepare for painting the exterior of your home. Do these steps as you deem necessary depending on your individual situation.

Step 1

A clean surface is essential for paint adhesion. Using a pressure washer is really the best and most efficient way.  Select the proper detergent, and use caution when selecting the nozzle. A concentrated stream can damage wood, seep into the cracks of lapped siding, and break windows.

For surfaces that are not peeling or flaking, using just a regular garden hose and a scrub brush with Trisodium phosphate (TSP) will work. For mildew use a mixture of 1 part bleach and 3 parts water, remember to rinse the surface when finished, and let dry completely.

Step 2

If you see loose paint scrap it away. Use a wire brush and scrape the paint that is flaking. Scraping to bare wood is not necessay if the old pant is intact, in that case it can be painted over after sanding.

Step 3

Repair surface flaws with repair a compound rated for exterior usage. Follow directions on the package, and remember to sand the repaired surface after it dries.

Step 4

If you have old caulking that has failed it’s seal you will need to remove it and re-caulk the area. Check around door trim, windowsills, and any other areas that need to keep sealed with caulking. Remember to find a paintable exterior caulking for the job.

Step 5

Check the putty around windows and remove old putty that has deteriorated.  Re-putty the windows, and apply a new glazing. Let dry before painting.

Step 6

Protect your lawn, deck, flowerbeds, and anything around your home you don’t wish to be painted with a drop cloth. Gently tie up and cover your shrubs.

Step 7

Make sure to prime if you are painting a lighter color over a darker color, or if you have any bare wood, or any repairs you have made.


Decorating With Red

Red is an amazing color that is unlike any other. Red grabs a persons attention, like a stop sign, and demands that they take notice. Red can heat up a room, add a sense of modernism, add a playful side to a room and even make a room feel sexy. No other color has such a wide array of emotions that it can produce quite like red.

Red Accents

Red is a great color to accent with since it draws immediate attention. If you have a unique wall space that you want to draw attention to, accenting it with red will draw people’s eyes the minute they walk into the room. A red couch, pillows, artwork or coffee table will do the same.

Don’t Go Overboard With Red

One problem many homeowners make with red is going overboard with the color. This was a fad from about 2000-2005 when many people were painting entire rooms with red such as dining rooms and kitchens. This fad died as quickly as it came though.

Red is best used as an accent in a room. Red grabs our attention more than any other color, so when a whole room is painted red, you don’t know where to put your attention and the room can seem overwhelming. Keep red to accent walls, furniture and art to use it to it’s fullest potential.

Painting red on your exterior is different though. Red can often times be used as a main exterior color without having this same overwhelming affect. The reason for this is that when you are outdoors, the red on your home is not the only thing in ones vision. You can also see the grass, other homes, the sky and trees. This makes your home an accent to it’s surroundings rather than a complete canvas like when used indoors.

The Psychology Behind Red

Red is a truly amazing color. No other color can relay as many emotions and feelings as red can. In certain color schemes soft reds can be cheery and happy while in others it can be hot and intense. When used in bold accents, red is a color that shows a quality of leadership and forward thinking.

What red is most desired for is that it is the color of sexuality. When bold reds are used as accents in bedrooms, dining rooms and even kitchens, they can add a sexiness to a room by themselves that almost nothing else can replicate.

Examples of Red Paint, Furniture and Accents



Exterior Painting Services By Minneapolis Painting Company

Yesterday I wrote about some of the services that people often don’t realize Minneapolis Painting can do in your kitchen. Today I would like to share with you some of the service we offer for the exterior of your Twin Cities home.

Exterior Painting Services Offered By Minneapolis Painting Company

Power Washing

Of course we power wash anything that we are about to paint, but we also offer complete power washing services for anything outside your home. We can power wash your vinyl siding, your sidewalk, your boat or anything that needs cleaning.


Asbestos Remediation

We are one of the few painting companies in Minnesota that is certified for Asbestos Remediation. This means that we can fix all of your asbestos issues.

Lead Remediation

Lead is also another thing that many people do not realize just how dangerous it can be, especially to children. If you have lead on the exterior of your home, you should contact Minneapolis Painting Company today and make sure that you and your kids are safe.

Deck and Fence Staining

With our deck and fence staining services we can clean your deck or fence and re-stain it to it’s original color. We can also completely strip your old stain and give your a brand new color or look to your deck or fence.


Sanding and Scraping

Sanding and scraping is typically a part our painting process. If you have old peeling painting, we can scrape all loose paint and even sand it completely smooth if you so desire.

Minor Siding Repair

Another service we offer is minor siding repair. If you have a rotten board or rotten window sill, you don’t have to call a separate contractor, we can take care of this for you. We do however stay away from large siding jobs.



Minneapolis Exterior Painting Photo Gallery

If you’re thinking about painting the exterior of your Minneapolis home, now is the perfect time. We still have months of great warm weather and you’ll give your exterior the protection from the harsh Winter elements it needs in time to keep your biggest investment (your home) looking great.

If you are looking for a few ideas for your Twin Cities home painting project, we have complied over 30 great exteriors for you to check out and get some ideas from. If you need more ideas, please contact us today, we would be happy to come out and discuss exterior paint colors on your home.


What Does It Cost To Paint My House

New-HomeWhen planning for a painting job for the exterior of your home, start with estimating the exterior paint coverage. Whether you are planning to hire a contractor or do the painting yourself, estimating the paint coverage  will help you estimate the exterior house painting cost and plan out the exterior paint design. You don’t have to contact house painting contractors just to do this because there are exterior paint estimators and calculators all over the internet. You can even download apps for estimating the cost and coverage of your painting project.

Exterior House Painting Costs Can Vary

House painting contractors often give different estimates for the same exterior paint design. Their rates will depend on their work schedules, and on the paints they use. Plus they often have additional fees as well. It’s better that you already have a good idea about how much paint you will need and how much it will cost you, to prevent you from spending too much of your money. Don’t worry because it’s very easy to estimate the exterior paint coverage and cost.

The first step to estimating the exterior house painting cost is to measure the walls, windows and doors on your home’s exterior. Once you have your measurements, you can go to the internet and search for an exterior paint estimator or an exterior paint calculator. These tools will estimate how many gallons of paint you will need to complete the painting job. These will help you determine the cost of the painting project and decide which house painting contractor you want to hire, or if you want to do the painting yourself.

Your Design Affect Your Exterior House Painting Cost

Once you have figured out how much paint you need, you should then take your exterior design into consideration. How many colors does your design have? What colors will you use? Do you need to paint a dark color with a lighter one? What type of materials do you need to paint? These questions will help you choose the type and brand of paints you need. This will also determine the amount of coats you will need. Generally, the better the quality of the paint, the more expensive it will be. By this time, you should already have a budget in mind, so that deciding on the quality of the paint will not be troublesome.

If you decide to do the paint job yourself, remember that the exterior house painting cost isn’t limited to the amount of paint you will need. You will also need tools to complete the paint job. You might need rollers and brushers and you will also need to estimate how much they will cost you. You won’t have to worry about this if you hire house painting contractors, but keep in mind they also have a fee that you will need to pay.

Another factor that can affect the cost of a home exterior paint job is the condition of the walls of your house. How is the condition of the existing paint? Is it cracking, peeling or bubbling? Is there mildew, moss or molds growing on the walls?  If your wall is not in a good condition, you might need to do some repair or prep work. Scraping off old paint, caulking gaps and cracks and priming wood for repairs will also cost you money. Don’t forget to include and prep or repair requirement in your estimate.

There may be a lot of factors that you need to consider in estimating your exterior house painting cost, but don’t worry because it can be done. Just start with estimating the exterior paint coverage with an exterior paint estimator and you’re already halfway there.

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Exterior Painting Ideas

Exterior painting is an excellent way to quickly give your home a more stylish look while also incurring a higher property value.  Of course, painting is only part of the challenge; selecting the right colors can be a difficult task, and the consequences of choosing the wrong ones can be disastrous.  The best exterior painting ideas for a home will result from a variety of considerations, including any nearby plants, the surrounding scenery, and even the typical annual climate.  The home’s architectural style also plays an important role in developing exterior painting ideas.

What to see some examples? Exterior Painting Idea Gallery

When considering a new color scheme for your home, be sure to use neighboring houses as a source of home painting ideas.  You should always strive for at least some level of consistency when paining a house in a neighborhood.  While your home doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color as the others, you should try to avoid paints that will make it stand out excessively.  This may sound restrictive, but doing so is actually beneficial, as most of the work is already done for you.

Modern homes have taken on a unique style from traditional preferences.  They take full advantage of the increased availability of colors in recent years and go further in expressing the owner’s personal style.  Many modern homes utilize calm, earth tones to provide a sense of luxury.  For a more stylish, hip look, many Minnesota painters are also using various hues of gray as the base color.  Although there is a place for some extravagant colors on modern homes, they should be used very sparingly for exterior painting.

Classic homes are everywhere.  These houses have stood the test of time and deserve the very best care a homeowner can offer.  So when it’s time to paint a historical or even Victorian style home, developing the right exterior painting ideas can be both fund and challenging.  The architecture of Victorian houses is especially well-known for providing enhanced definition, which typically calls for a painting scheme consisting of more than two colors.  Victorian homes typically benefit from bright, almost antique-looking colors for the base and darker colors used to highlight window trims, doors, and other noticeable architectural elements.  For most other classic houses, samples of paint used historically in the area will help develop a new color scheme.

In addition to a home’s style, exterior painting ideas can also be affected by the weather.  As any professional Minnesota painter will note, lighter colors tend to stand out more in northern states.  Darker colors are usually more suitable, but not just for their aesthetic value.  Dark colors naturally absorb heat, which can help keep energy bills low during those long winter months.

If you feel unsure of your exterior painting ideas, we have a team of professional Minnesota painters ready to help.  We specialize in bringing out the best of any house, regardless of its style or surrounding environment.  We work closely with clients to determine their preferences and help bring their exterior painting ideas to life.


Illusions and Compliments with Colors

When you effectively use colors in your home, you can completely transform the appearance of the room.  A small room can look spacious, a cold room warm, and a dull room, lively.  Color is one of the greatest decorating tools that a homeowner has, and learning to use color properly means the difference of a house or a home.

Following are five tips that, when used properly can eliminate any inhabitations you may have in using color in your home.  Color is a powerful tool and a way for homeowners to put a personal touch, or statement into a room.  Color is an expression, and when used wrong will leave a negative impression, so it is important that you understand how to use color.

How to Use Color in Your Home

Create Color Flow

When you use color, you want to achieve a good color flow throughout the home.  The easiest way to achieve this is to choose one color that you are working with and carry it through the entire home.  The color of choice here is a neutral color.

The color flow throughout the home does not need to be extreme.  For instance, if you have earth tones in the living room then choose one of the tones and add it to the other rooms, such as including the color in the upholstery of the dining room chairs, and so on.  In the kitchen, you might use the color in a floor mat, and in the bedroom, in the bedspread, and so on.

Effectively Using Contrast

Contrast is another element to consider.  You’ll notice many homes that want a more formal feel to the room a combination of contrasting colors throughout the room is best.  The intensity of the colors is extreme.  For instance, a deep burgundy with a light gold.  For rooms where you want a more relaxed and soothing atmosphere it is better to choose low contrasting colors.  Here, a good example is a soft green with a soft yellow or a white on off white, or variations of greens and soft blues.

When you use black and white together in a room it gives a formal feel to the room.  To tone the feel down, gray can be combined to the combination.

Looking For Emotional Responses

Colors offer us a sense of emotions.  For example, blue may remind us of the sky or water or the air.  Red may make us think of fire.  Green and browns make us think of nature and yellow tends to make many people think of the sun.  Each offers a strong emotion when we associate the elements of color with nature as opposed to just having an intellectual feel towards them.

Homeowners can benefit by capitalizing on the emotional association of color and nature and use them to make a statement in your home.  What is the emotional impact or feel you’d like from your home?  If you want a lively home then yellows and reds are ideal.  If you’ll notice, these are the most commonly used colors in fast food restaurants.  The idea is to get patrons in and out quickly to make room for more patrons.  Lively colors, while they may look great in some rooms are not intended for the bedroom! Bedrooms should always consist of restful colors.

Using Local and Seasonal Colors

When you use local and seasonal colors you are bringing the atmosphere of the area into your home.  Do you live in an area that has strong seasonal changes? If so, these can be great colors for your home’s interior.  Outdoor colors are mixed brilliantly and can enhance a home like no other.  For instance, if you live in New Mexico, or Texas, you’ll find wonderful color combinations right outside your door.

There are a number of colors from mustard yellows, russets, browns, off whites, yellows and shades of green.  Fall colors are a wonderful choice to create a calm, subdued living space that is filled with relaxation.

Spring colors include whites, lilacs, pinks, and yellows and creat an invigorating and uplifting atmosphere, providing a clean and fresh feel to the room.

Testing Your Choices First

Before you do the entire home, test your color palette out in one room first and live with it for a few months.  This can easily done with paint.  You might find that after a few months you are ready for a change and you will be thankful the you don’t have to redo the entire home.

Also, when you shop, ask for samples that you can take home and test in the room.  Leave them on display in the room for a number of days.  View the colors different times during the day to see how the colors change in the natural light of the room.  Make a mental note of how the colors look, or jot it down, so that you are aware of the differences through different times of the day and night.

Colors in the evening and late afternoon look quite different than in the early morning and noon.  You want to ensure that the colors are what you want throughout the day and night.  Consider the time of day that the room is most used and pay particular attention to how the colors look at this time.  Consider where the colors will be most likely to go. If your room has southern exposure, light colors will appear lighter and you may want to darken them up a bit.  On the other hand, If your room has northern exposure, than dark colors will appear darker, and you might want to lighten the tones a bit.

With the above guide, there is absolutely no reason for homeowners to fear the use of color.  Color is something that is expressive and emotional, and provides the sense and feel of a home.  Occupants can be helped tremendously by colors in a home, just as visitors can get a sense of the personality of the individuals that occupy the home.  Be creative and imaginative.


Exterior House Painting Cost

So What Does Exterior House Painting Cost?

I know you don’t want to read a long article on all of the factors that go into determining exterior house painting cost and I am not going to do that to you. What you came here looking for was Real Life examples so that you will have some kind of an idea of what your house painting project will cost. Below I have posted a few pictures along with would it would typically cost to paint the exterior of the home you see in the photos.

A few thing to keep in mind.

  1. EVERY project is different and requires different methods, so your home will be different.
  2. Every companies does things a little bit different, we bid every project by the square foot or linear foot. This ensures that projects are bid accuratly and consistantly.
  3. Paint Costs are always changing. We have seen over 8 price increases from Sherwin Williams in the past 3 years (Which is why we LOVE Hirshfields!).

On To The Exterior House Painting Costs!

Exterior House Painting Cost Exterior House Painting Cost

This is a Minneapolis Exterior that we ended up painting a few years ago. This is a great example because this home involved a lot of different pieces of work to complete.

Power Washing

First, the home needed to be power washed. Power washing must be done to ensure a long lasting paint job, validate paint manufactuers warranty and so that we can honor our own warranty. Power washing on a home of this size, with moderate peeling paint will typically cost $200. Power washing will rarely go under $200 due to set up and trip costs, but will also rarely go over $300 for larger homes.


Second, the home need some scraping to remove loose paint and ensure that the future paint job has a solid surface to bond to. This home cost around $350 to scrape loose paint as well.  If you have excessive peeling, a home can easily cost $500 to scrape loose paint and if you have almost no peeling it may not even be a part of your paint job. If your wanting your painter to remove all paint from your exterior siding to give your home a “Brand New” look, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000-$4000 just for that service alone (which is considered a complete restoration).

Priming and Repair

Third is the spot priming and repair portion of the exterior paint job. This portion is different for every home. This home had a few boards that needed to be replaced and all bare wood was spot primed to give us a well bonded surface to paint on. This portion of the project cost about $400 to replace the rotten wood and to spot prime all bare wood.


The fourth part for our exterior house painting cost is the prepping. Whenever an exterior is painted whether by hand with a brush or using a sprayer and backrolling painters need to cover all windows, lights, concrete and vegetation to prevent over-spray and / or drips. This home cost roughly $400 to prep off in preperation for painting. This involved covering all windows with plastic (which is 90% of the prep work), covering concrete, vegetation, lights, doors and anything that could not get paint on it.


So far we are up to $1,350 for our exterior house painting cost and we are just about to get to the actual painting. Actually, the painting is not as big a part of the project as you would assume, yes the paint can be quite expensive, but if the prep work has all been doen well, the painting should go smoothly and last for years.

The cost of the actual painting of a project of this size depends a lot on the quality of paint that you wish to use. I would estimate a project of this size to take roughly 15-20 gallons of paint for two coats. Exterior paint is going to cost $20 a gallon on the absolute lowest end and up to $70 a gallon on the high end. On the low end, you may recieve a 10 year paint warranty or even no warranty while on the high end you should be recieving a life time warranty. So paint costs should range from $300 all the way up to $1,500.

The labor for applying the paint can also vary quite drasticallly depending on what your tastes are. If you want you home painted with only one color (which is a little dull) your labor costs will be greatly reduced. If you are going for a 4-5 color scheme you are going to be spending much more on your labor. Typically a home like this will include one body color, one trim color (for trim, windows, soffits and fascia) and an accent color for a front door (and maybe some window shutters). I am going to assume this 3 color scheme for the purpose of pricing out this home for you. With a 3 color scheme (body, trim & accent) you could expect to pay about $1,250 for your exterior house painting cost.

Check out our Exterior House Painting Idea Gallery for Ideas on your Exterior Painting Project.

Total Exterior House Painting Cost

If you add up everything I have gone through here you should expect a total cost of $2,900 to $4,100 for a typical Minneapolis, Mn exterior paint job. Remember there are always many different factor for every home that can increase or decrease the price.

NOTE: If your home was built on or before 1978, any paint contractor will need to test the exteiror of your home for lead before begining the paint job. If lead is found in your exterior paint, they will have to follow all state rules reguarding lead which will lead to a price increase. Typically these increases range from 10-15% on an average home.

Thank you for reading our Exterior House Painting Cost article, we hope that it has been helpful for you next project.

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