5 Popular Colors To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is the main service I provide here at Minneapolis Painting Company. Typically I paint 2-3 kitchens a month and am in many more. What I find amazing is that with all of the colors available, my clients all seem to be attracted to the same 10 colors. So here are the 10 most popular colors based on our clients from 2014.

Benjamin Moore Colors

Dove White

Dove White hits a chord with my clients. Over and over again this is the go to color. White Dove is a soft and light white that looks great on cabinets, trim and molding. This color goes great with Cheating Heart, Silver Lake, Yukon Sky and Horizon Gray.

Snow White

Snow White is part of Benjamin Moore’s Off White collection. This sophisticated and versatile color can help create a serene environment. Snow White goes great with Wrought Iron, Brittany Blue, Yukon Sky and Horizon Gray.

Navajo White

When you are looking for a white, but not a bright / stark white, then Navajo White is a great option. Navajo White has a much creamier look but still gives a nice clean white look to any cabinets or trim. Navajo white goes great with Exhale, Majestic Violet, Liberty Park and Deep Creek.

Super White

Sometimes people simply want a white that is perfectly clean and free from any other tints and hues, this is where Super White is perfect. Super White is a bright and clean white that goes great with any color scheme and will really pop against any wall colors.


Standard black can be a great compliment to any white color scheme in a home. It is great for center islands, front doors and other architectural features. Black goes great with any colors that your white scheme goes great with.


Services You Can Hire Minneapolis Painting For In Your Kitchen

Often times I find myself talking to our clients and they mention how they need to have a certain project done (not the project that we are there for) and they don’t realize that it is something that Minneapolis Painting can already do for them.

Today I want to share a bit about what our company can do for your Twin Cities home in the kitchen.

Interior Painting Services For Your Kitchen:

Kitchen Cabinet Tinting

Kitchen Cabinet Tinting is where we take your existing wood cabinets and spray a new tinted topcoat over your existing finish. This will darken your cabinets or change the stain color. When finished, this process makes your cabinets look like they were originally stained in the new color. This process works great when you have clear coated Maple Cabinets and want to darken them.


Kitchen Cabinet Enameling

A very popular service we offer is Kitchen Cabinet Enameling (or kitchen cabinet painting). This is where we take your old cabinets, painted or stained, and enamel them with a hard and durable new finish. Typically we take your cabinets and turn them white or a similar color. We even fill the wood grain, so yes you can do this to oak cabinets.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Staining and Clear Coating

This service is pretty straight forward. If you love your cabinets and just need to bring them back to life, we can give them a fresh new clear coat. If you have new wood, we can stain and clear coat them for you. Another more intense option is to completely strip your old cabinets and start over with a brand new stain and clear coat.

Wall Paper Removal

Wall paper removal can be a very tedious project. At Minneapolis Painting Company we can make sure your wallpaper removal goes smooth. After we remove the wallpaper, we skim coat the walls as necessary with drywall mud and them prime the walls before applying any paint.

Wall and Ceiling Painting

These services are pretty basic and self-explanatory. Beyond basic wall painting we can do any faux finish you may be interested in or any combination of colors your heart desires.

Trim, Window and Door Painting

This service goes right along with kitchen cabinet painting. We can take your old trim, doors and windows and accomplish any of the services that we offer for you kitchen cabinets and do the same for your trim, windows and doors.

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