Decorating Your Home For Christmas

Merry Christmas“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” If it isn’t, just yet, then it can definitely be, with these ideas for decorating your home for the festive season. For the most part, Christmas represents a time of happiness and merriment in the lives of many individuals and as such, this is exactly what your home should reflect when you decorate for the season.

Decorating your home for Christmas does not have to be expensive. You can do this effectively by finding interesting and useful objects around your home and transforming them into festive decorative pieces. Primarily, the colors that are most used at Christmas time include: white, red and green. These are actually very flexible colors and as such you can choose from among them, or you can even use them all at once. A bit of white fabric could make the perfect covering for a table, or even a mantle. Then if you have any empty glass jars around, you can fill these up with red and green object that you can find easily. For example, you may use candy, or marbles or even cotton balls. This will definitely brighten up and area. This is an inexpensive means of decorating this season, so, you stay within you budget.

Adding ornaments to your furniture is not only fun to do, but it is also an enticing sight, when it has been completed. One of the things that can really lift the face of any area is a glass bowl, filled with pine cones. They can be silver pine cones or even green, depending on the theme that you have in mind. You can also produce your own ‘winter wonderland’, by trying out a white carpet for your living room floor. The silver pine cones and other silver or glass made ornaments will highlight the white of the carpet. This creates a rather surreal effect.

What would really help to put the finishing touch to your Christmas decorating is a fresh coat of paint for your walls. Newly painted walls will help to bring out the Christmas spirit in your home. Think of the new sheen that will emanate from your walls. Plus, it is much better to pain in this season, due to the cooler air that will help the paint to dry better and last longer.


Idea Paint: A Great New Idea

idea-paintWhat is idea paint? Idea paint is a single layer of paint that is used to produce a very useful dry erase surface. Idea Paint is now a household name because of its usefulness and great results after use.  This is a paint that you paint onto your walls and it creates a dry erase surface on your walls.  Idea paint comes in three main colors. It may be clear, white or black. This sort of paint should only be applied using a roller, not a brush.

Many people use idea paint for different reasons. Mainly, idea paint is used for the ease of cleaning that comes with it. The surface that is produced after using idea paint is one that can just be wiped off easily. Idea paint is globally recognized as the originator of high-performance dry erase paint and is available in a variety of formulas that cater to residential, commercial and educational customers.

In the event that you are a part of a household within which there are young children, using idea paint is a good idea. Generally, children enjoy making markings on walls and other flat surfaces and many times, these markings prove to be very difficult to erase. With idea paint, the children can make their marks today and then tomorrow, the surface can be clean again because you can simply wipe off today’s work of art without much effort.

Idea paint is also popularly used for educational purposes. The white board that is used in schools is an example of how idea paint can be used for formal education. Students find it fun to use and because of this, many teachers try to incorporate it into their classroom environment, by using it not only as the surface of the board, but also, as the surface of tables and sometimes a specific section of a wall. This can make the lesson more fun as the students are able to be more actively involved, as they will be able to experiment with concepts and make their mistakes, while, still being afforded the opportunity to just erase it and start over.


Decorating With Red

Red is an amazing color that is unlike any other. Red grabs a persons attention, like a stop sign, and demands that they take notice. Red can heat up a room, add a sense of modernism, add a playful side to a room and even make a room feel sexy. No other color has such a wide array of emotions that it can produce quite like red.

Red Accents

Red is a great color to accent with since it draws immediate attention. If you have a unique wall space that you want to draw attention to, accenting it with red will draw people’s eyes the minute they walk into the room. A red couch, pillows, artwork or coffee table will do the same.

Don’t Go Overboard With Red

One problem many homeowners make with red is going overboard with the color. This was a fad from about 2000-2005 when many people were painting entire rooms with red such as dining rooms and kitchens. This fad died as quickly as it came though.

Red is best used as an accent in a room. Red grabs our attention more than any other color, so when a whole room is painted red, you don’t know where to put your attention and the room can seem overwhelming. Keep red to accent walls, furniture and art to use it to it’s fullest potential.

Painting red on your exterior is different though. Red can often times be used as a main exterior color without having this same overwhelming affect. The reason for this is that when you are outdoors, the red on your home is not the only thing in ones vision. You can also see the grass, other homes, the sky and trees. This makes your home an accent to it’s surroundings rather than a complete canvas like when used indoors.

The Psychology Behind Red

Red is a truly amazing color. No other color can relay as many emotions and feelings as red can. In certain color schemes soft reds can be cheery and happy while in others it can be hot and intense. When used in bold accents, red is a color that shows a quality of leadership and forward thinking.

What red is most desired for is that it is the color of sexuality. When bold reds are used as accents in bedrooms, dining rooms and even kitchens, they can add a sexiness to a room by themselves that almost nothing else can replicate.

Examples of Red Paint, Furniture and Accents



A Simple Painting Lesson I Learned 7 Years Ago

I have to start this post with one of my favorite stories about a client I painted for. This happened about 7 years ago and while at the time was very frustrating, it really helped me understand the minds of my clients.

I was painting the interior in one of the North suburbs of Minneapolis, it was an easy and straight forward job. My client simply wanted new paint on their walls. The current color was a dark green and my client really loved the color gold. So I was hired to paint their living room, entry, kitchen, stairwell and upper hallways all gold.

The job took 2 or 3 days (I don’t remember exactly) and everything went just fine. There were no issues, the client and I got along just great, I finished the job, got paid and went on my merry way.

The next day I got a call from a very upset client, they said that I had gotten paint all over their trim and all over their ceiling. They said I was really sloppy with my painting and were extremely frustrated. I couldn’t hardly believe that I had done what they said, I am a very good painter, I had looked over my work and made sure everything went great. Did I work too quickly, was I zoning out, what was the issue?! Shocked, I jumped in my car and headed straight up to their house.

When I got into the house the client took me straight to their stairwell and pointed out spots of green paint on the trim (even on the sides of the trim) and green spots on the ceiling. I immediately began smiling, which they did not like. If you were paying attention above, remember I said I painted GOLD. Their old color was GREEN, they had painted the green themselves. After a bit of explaining we both had a good chuckle and to this day this is a story I enjoy telling.

What I learned from this experience has been a very important lesson about construction and painting in general. Homeowners typically do not inspect the little things on their home (such as paint on ceiling) when they either buy a house or do work themselves, but they inspect it to a T after hiring a contractor. This is 100% what they should do as well. What I took away from this is that I should also inspect their home to a T before I start a project.

This helps me to find issues, known or unknown to the homeowner, point out things that we could fix if they want us to or even just to point out issues so that I don’t take credit for them when finished. This has made my contracting life much easier through the years.


Minneapolis Exterior Painting Photo Gallery

If you’re thinking about painting the exterior of your Minneapolis home, now is the perfect time. We still have months of great warm weather and you’ll give your exterior the protection from the harsh Winter elements it needs in time to keep your biggest investment (your home) looking great.

If you are looking for a few ideas for your Twin Cities home painting project, we have complied over 30 great exteriors for you to check out and get some ideas from. If you need more ideas, please contact us today, we would be happy to come out and discuss exterior paint colors on your home.


Wall Painting Do’s and Don’ts

Part 1

There are a handful of reasons you may be thinking about painting your walls. These may range from selling your home, brightening up a room or maybe you even just bought a new home. Whether you plan on painting yourself or hiring a contractor, you want your home to look amazing when you are done. This article is meant for the Do It Yourself home owners out there who want great results with their painting project. Just a note, if you are thinking about hiring a contractor, Minneapolis Painting Company will make sure you receive an amazing paint job for an amazing price!

Don’t Use Fall For Gimmicks Such Edging Tools

Everyone want’s to be able to paint easier and faster and many of these tools promise just that. Problem is, they don’t deliver. I can promise you that almost all of these edging tools and cut in tools are a waste of time and money. They will give you an ok edge at best and are a paint to clean, so you will probably only get one use out of them.

Do Buy A Nice Paint Brush

PurdyInstead of using a gimmicky edging tool, use what a real professional painter would use, a high quality Purdy or Wooster paint brush. These brushes are made to last. If you take your time, you can cut in a near perfect line on trim or ceilings with these. They are also so much more useful, one high quality brush will server the same purpose as 4 different painting gimmicks. If kept clean a Wooster or Purdy brush should last you 10+ years. I have Purdy’s that I have been using almost daily for over 5 years.

Don’t Skimp On Your Brush, I just told you to buy a nice brush, I did not say to buy a cheap brush. Cheap brushes will loose their shape, not clean well, deliver poor results and need replacing soon. A good quality brush is always going to be $10-$18, anything less is cheap.


Don’t Skimp On Your Roller Pads Either

A cheap roller pad will shed lint all over in your paint. This will cause your wall to look terrible. A cheap pad will also make your painting take longer, leave a poor texture. A high quality roller will not shed in your paint, hold more paint between dipping, leave a great texture and help you paint faster. A good roller cover would be a Purdy White Dove Roller Cover. Look for a 1/2″ nap for best results.

Do Use An Extension Pole When Rolling Paint On Your Walls

I like to use a 2′-4′ extension pole when painting walls for a couple of reasons. First, an extension pole saves my body. When I paint with an extension pole my back stays in a upright position with my arms doing all of the work. Without an extention pole you must bend down and reach up on every stroke. This will take a toll on your body. Secondly, for the exact reasons I mentioned, an extension pole will help you to paint significantly faster.

Extension Pole


5 Room that Eggshell Paint is Perfect For

Eggshell Paint in BathroomEggshell Paint is a wonderful paint that gives just a little bit of sheen while at the same time not giving off to much of a shiny look. Eggshell paint has benefits over flat paint as well as gloss paint or semi-gloss paint.

The first benefit of eggshell paint is that is does not get dirty as easily as flat paint. If you saw a close up of eggshell paint compared to flat paint you would see that flat paint has sharp, jagged edges while eggshell paint has more rounded edges. This keeps dirt from embedding its self into the cracks of the paints.

The second benefit of eggshell paint is that it cleans easier than flat paint. This is for the same reasons that it stays cleaner than flat paint. The rounded edges create an easier to clean surface.

Eggshell paint also absorbs some of the light that hits it thus dulling the effect of direct sunlight into a room.

For the reasons above eggshell paint can be a great paint to use in any room of your home but it tends to be exceptionally useful in the following rooms:

The Bathroom

Eggshell paint is useful in bathrooms because walls  near toilets, sinks and showers tend to have lots of liquids splashed on them. Eggshell paint is more resistant to water damage and water stains than flat paints. If you don’t mind the shine, semi-gloss and gloss paint do this job even better, but are not popular choices due to more cosmetic reasons.

The Kitchen

Eggshell paint is popular in kitchens for the same reasons that it is popular in bathrooms. It is easier to clean than flat and kitchen walls tend to get dirtier than other rooms.

Kids Rooms

Eggshell walls in kids rooms wash easily. In our kids rooms we have had to wash off dirt, crayon, marker, food and more!

Work / Hobby Rooms / Laundry Rooms

Again, it is the moisture in these rooms that makes eggshell paint popular in these rooms.

Any Room with Little Light

Rooms with little natural sunlight can benefit from eggshell paints sheen. Eggshell reflects more light than flat paint and can help illuminate a room better than flat.


Illusions and Compliments with Colors

When you effectively use colors in your home, you can completely transform the appearance of the room.  A small room can look spacious, a cold room warm, and a dull room, lively.  Color is one of the greatest decorating tools that a homeowner has, and learning to use color properly means the difference of a house or a home.

Following are five tips that, when used properly can eliminate any inhabitations you may have in using color in your home.  Color is a powerful tool and a way for homeowners to put a personal touch, or statement into a room.  Color is an expression, and when used wrong will leave a negative impression, so it is important that you understand how to use color.

How to Use Color in Your Home

Create Color Flow

When you use color, you want to achieve a good color flow throughout the home.  The easiest way to achieve this is to choose one color that you are working with and carry it through the entire home.  The color of choice here is a neutral color.

The color flow throughout the home does not need to be extreme.  For instance, if you have earth tones in the living room then choose one of the tones and add it to the other rooms, such as including the color in the upholstery of the dining room chairs, and so on.  In the kitchen, you might use the color in a floor mat, and in the bedroom, in the bedspread, and so on.

Effectively Using Contrast

Contrast is another element to consider.  You’ll notice many homes that want a more formal feel to the room a combination of contrasting colors throughout the room is best.  The intensity of the colors is extreme.  For instance, a deep burgundy with a light gold.  For rooms where you want a more relaxed and soothing atmosphere it is better to choose low contrasting colors.  Here, a good example is a soft green with a soft yellow or a white on off white, or variations of greens and soft blues.

When you use black and white together in a room it gives a formal feel to the room.  To tone the feel down, gray can be combined to the combination.

Looking For Emotional Responses

Colors offer us a sense of emotions.  For example, blue may remind us of the sky or water or the air.  Red may make us think of fire.  Green and browns make us think of nature and yellow tends to make many people think of the sun.  Each offers a strong emotion when we associate the elements of color with nature as opposed to just having an intellectual feel towards them.

Homeowners can benefit by capitalizing on the emotional association of color and nature and use them to make a statement in your home.  What is the emotional impact or feel you’d like from your home?  If you want a lively home then yellows and reds are ideal.  If you’ll notice, these are the most commonly used colors in fast food restaurants.  The idea is to get patrons in and out quickly to make room for more patrons.  Lively colors, while they may look great in some rooms are not intended for the bedroom! Bedrooms should always consist of restful colors.

Using Local and Seasonal Colors

When you use local and seasonal colors you are bringing the atmosphere of the area into your home.  Do you live in an area that has strong seasonal changes? If so, these can be great colors for your home’s interior.  Outdoor colors are mixed brilliantly and can enhance a home like no other.  For instance, if you live in New Mexico, or Texas, you’ll find wonderful color combinations right outside your door.

There are a number of colors from mustard yellows, russets, browns, off whites, yellows and shades of green.  Fall colors are a wonderful choice to create a calm, subdued living space that is filled with relaxation.

Spring colors include whites, lilacs, pinks, and yellows and creat an invigorating and uplifting atmosphere, providing a clean and fresh feel to the room.

Testing Your Choices First

Before you do the entire home, test your color palette out in one room first and live with it for a few months.  This can easily done with paint.  You might find that after a few months you are ready for a change and you will be thankful the you don’t have to redo the entire home.

Also, when you shop, ask for samples that you can take home and test in the room.  Leave them on display in the room for a number of days.  View the colors different times during the day to see how the colors change in the natural light of the room.  Make a mental note of how the colors look, or jot it down, so that you are aware of the differences through different times of the day and night.

Colors in the evening and late afternoon look quite different than in the early morning and noon.  You want to ensure that the colors are what you want throughout the day and night.  Consider the time of day that the room is most used and pay particular attention to how the colors look at this time.  Consider where the colors will be most likely to go. If your room has southern exposure, light colors will appear lighter and you may want to darken them up a bit.  On the other hand, If your room has northern exposure, than dark colors will appear darker, and you might want to lighten the tones a bit.

With the above guide, there is absolutely no reason for homeowners to fear the use of color.  Color is something that is expressive and emotional, and provides the sense and feel of a home.  Occupants can be helped tremendously by colors in a home, just as visitors can get a sense of the personality of the individuals that occupy the home.  Be creative and imaginative.


Interior Paint Ideas

Interior Paint IdeasWhen it comes to modern design, there are many interior paint ideas that will quickly provide a new, stylish look for any home.  More homeowners are beginning to realize the economic and aesthetic value that interior wall painting provides in enhancing the look of any room or an entire house.  Often, a fresh coat of paint is enough to add a strong sense of style and even increase a home’s value.  So if you’ve been searching for some interior paint ideas to spice up your home, here are a few considerations to get you started.

Before painting, you should try to identify a particular theme for the family room.  This will set the foundation for any interior paint ideas that will follow.  It will also ensure a personal sense of style after the interior wall painting project is finished.  The theme will involve more than just paint; furniture, family photos, and even electronics will add to the sense of style.  This theme will usually result in a specific color scheme, from which three colors should emerge: a light, medium, and dark colored paint.  These colors will help shape interior paint ideas into a stylish room.

To invoke a sense of style on even the subconscious level, interior wall painting should utilize lighter colors.  This will provide a sense of definition with your interior paint ideas once you begin adding in other elements to the room.  This is also true for the carpet and ceiling, though each should feature a slightly darker color than the walls.  If the paint appears more defined than desired, a light layer of white paint can help tone it down to the preferred level.  Prominent features, including furniture and window seals, should feature the medium color chosen during the development of interior paint ideas.  Electronics, tables, and other smaller elements should include the darker colors.

Bedrooms are a place of relaxation, and the aesthetics should reflect this.  Interior paint ideas for bedrooms should include soft, earth tones that enhance the sense of leisure.  You should begin with a toned down elemental color like tan, pale green, or even peach.  Various features used in the bedroom should reflect a different shade of the interior wall painting.

Bathrooms are increasing in popularity among homeowners as a private spa that provides a brief getaway from the stresses of life.  And since these small rooms provided limited room for décor, interior wall painting is particularly important for providing the desired feel.  By using a combination of earth tones and neutral colors, bathrooms can quickly provide the sense of being on vacation without even leaving the home.

Stylish interior paint ideas are becoming more widely available than ever before thanks to recent technology.  Interior paint simulators can provide homeowners with a preview of the result of their interior paint ideas before applying them.  By including some pictures of a room, interior paint simulators will alter the walls and sometimes even furniture or floors to a selected color.  This facilitates an easy preview of various colors and prevents unexpected results.


Bathroom Paint Ideas for a Large Bathroom

If you are looking for bathroom paint ideas for a large bathroom then you are in luck. With a large bathroom you have many more options than you would with a tiny space and the real only limiting factor is your imagination.

Bathroom Paint Idea #1: Bright, Modern and Bright Colors

Bathroom Paint Idea #1

For this bathroom paint idea try mixing bold colors with industrial colors. The industrial grey tones down the green and makes everything work beautifully in this bathroom. All of the fixtures and decorations in this bathroom scream modern and are completely enhanced with the lime green contrasted by the grey faux finish.

Bathroom Paint Ideas #2: Classic Naturals with Painted Woodwork

Classic Bathroom Paint Idea

This is bathroom paint idea is a very common and classy look that combines an off white (Typically a Dove White or Antique White) on the trim, windows, doors and cabinets with a tan or brown. The wall colors typically avoid going to dark to keep with the light woodwork.

Bathroom Paint Ideas #3: Bold Primary Colors

Primary Colors - Bathroom Paint Ideas

This bathroom paint idea is hot and exciting using the bright red and strong blues to create an incredibly colorful and lively bathroom experience.

Bathroom Paint Ideas #4: Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes - Bathroom Paint Ideas

With a large space you can do just about any bathroom paint idea you would like. A simple sponge faux finish or any other finish you would like to try can be made to look exotic, elegant, industrial or any other feel you are going for

Bathroom Paint Ideas #5: Dark Colors

Dark Colors - Bathroom Paint Ideas

This paint idea is simple, the reality is that with a small space a dark color is going to make the room feel even smaller and cramped. With a large open space you can make the room feel elegant and warm with dark paint colors.

Bathroom Paint Ideas #6: Go Crazy

Crazy Bathroom Paint Ideas

So this isn’t exactly a large bathroom paint idea, but we had to show you this bathroom anyway. The homeowner chose to match the cabinets with the ceilings and walls creating a very unique but interesting space that is definitely memorable.

Check Out The Slideshow Below For More Bathroom Paint Ideas: